How-To Video: Creating Dynamic Slide Transitions with Articulate Storyline

Sorry you’ve reach this page. This blog post moved to my new website. You can find it here.

– Tim

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5 Responses to How-To Video: Creating Dynamic Slide Transitions with Articulate Storyline

  1. Hi Tim
    This is a really cool trick! Thanks for sharing…I’ll be trying it in my own work!

  2. Michelle says:

    It adds that extra touch without being overboard! Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

  3. Tim,
    Love the clean look of the template and how the transitions erase that “slide” boundary. However, given how frequently things change in eLearning, having dual-maintenance on an entire slide design and content is sort of a dealbreaker, not to mention quite labor intensive.

    Maybe try this instead: use a layer to pause the timeline and then continue with exit animations on the original slide elements (similar to how Captivate works). First, put the Begin/Continue button on a layer with all options unchecked except for “Pause timeline of base layer.” Trigger this layer using an off-stage object that appears somewhere during the middle of the slide (thanks to Someone from Articulate Community!). When the trigger object appears off-stage, it is set to show the button layer “when timeline starts.” This will make the button appear. When user clicks the button, use a trigger to hide the layer. The base layer timeline will then continue and you can use Exit Animations on the original slide objects instead of replicating them all on the following slide.


  4. continue says:

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